Abteilung Informatik, Kommunikation und Elektrotechnik


Branchfield overview

List of students / Partner companies / Overview

red_light  Power electronics and motion systems

red Booster for Turbo-Charger

red_light  Computer systems

red Computer Concepts, OSs and Usage of the IBM 390 Series
red IBM AS/400 - iSeries

red_light  Digital signal processing

red Transmission of mp3-audio over bluetooth
red Position detection and identification with image processing
red MP4-AAC-Player

red_light  Communication

red Mobile Traffic-Management and Disposition System for Trucks
red Automatic HW & SW Inventory Management System for SME
red Unified login services for mixed Linux and Win2000 Systems
red Secure E-Mail solutions for SMEs and very small companies
red Route Distribution Processes and Border Gateway Protocol
red A professional email service for the ZHW
red Why does e-Business not fly as expected?
red Room- Reservation-Clearing System for Hotels
red New LAN for hangars and offices at SR Technics
red Webbased integration of direct marketing models
red Archiving/Retrieval of logdata in a network environment
red Intrusion-Detection
red Linux Network-Login with RSA Smartcard
red Secure Cellular IP Implementation based on Linux Netfilter
red Certificate Authorities: their Services and Trustworthiness
red Central Security Policy for Linux IPSec
red Implementation of a TCP/IP-Stack on a DSP
red Telephony Server based on VoiceXML
red GSM-based Corporate Network

red_light  Management

red Project Management and Controlling: Evaluation
red ERP/CRM/SCM: Possibilities and Limitations in SME
red IT Strategy and Planning for a Small Business Enterprise
red IT-Infrastructure Analysis of SME in Eastern Switzerland
red Process orientated quality management system
red Marketing Strategy for the Swiss market
red International Marketing-Study
red Guidelines for electronic market places B2B
red Marketingstrategy for a small company in webtechnology
red CRM Within The After-Sales-Area For The Product Internet
red Feasability Study for a Fork-Lift Guidance System

red_light  Mechatronics

red Control logic for the ASM-robot
red Face detection
red Delta Robot for Presentation Purposes
red Low-Cost-3D-Laserscanner (3D-LS)
red CAN/CANopen Multi-I/O Node
red CAN/CANopen-Servocontroller-Modul
red FE-Modeling of integrated MicroReed Structures

red_light  Micro-/ Computer systems

red Embedded Web-Server
red TCP/IP Protocol-Stack for C167
red Connecting Embedded Systems over Powerline Modem
red Position Collection of Mobile Objects with GPS/GSM
red Micro Computer System to Monitor Combustion Engines
red Internet-enabled mass storage board
red CAN / CANopen interface for laser distance sensors

red_light  Microelectronics

red VHDLmicro - Microprocessor for teaching purposes
red GSM Remote Sensor
red massflow controller for fluency

red_light  Controlling systems

red Control of a packaging machine
red Two-crane system: control of the self generated pendulum
red Analysis and Control of an Instable Process

red_light  Signal processing

red UHF-Power Amplifier and T/R-Switch
red Broadband Scanning-Receiver
red Oscillator for 5.8 GHz
red Phase Locked Loop Circuit for 10 GHz Pulse-Generating Laser

red_light  Software

red Open Source Webshop
red Web Content Management System
red Intelligent Algorithms for Indexing Text Documents
red Persistence Container
red Surgery Simulator Using Java3D
red Data Visualization of Realtime-Processes
red Multimodal User Interface
red e-Voting by Mobile Phones
red Visualisation of XML data on a PalmPilot
red SMS Server
red Increasing the QoS in Supply Chain Management with BizTalk
red J2EE Architectural Prototype
red Usability of Java for PalmOs Development
red Internet Information Broker Based on Web Services
red Distributed Java Component Server
red Cressida, a vxWorks driven roboter
red Communication Center for GSM based Datacollection modules
red Online Gender Games Chat