Abteilung Elekrotechnik
Praktische Diplomarbeiten
  Branchfield overview
List of students

red_light Power Electronics and Motion Systems
red Analysis of a Resonant DC/DC-Converter
red Power supply for interlocking stations

red_light Digital Signal Processing
red Video-controlled Surround-Panning with DSP

red_light Energy Systems
red Redevelopment of a heat pump plant
red Energy Concept "Bueren an der Aare"
red Small Hydroelectric Power Plant Bächlitalhütte SAC
red energy planning for the municipality St. Margrethen

red_light Communication Networks
red LAN Emulation over ATM
red "The Blue Carrier" - Integrated Internet Server Automation
red Payment System for Credit Cards
red controlling of the NMS-Hardware
red Tunnelling in projekt Access Server
red Universal database binding for the Project "Access Server"

red_light Mechatronics
red walking robot
red Fuzzy Logic controlled parking-system
red Switched Reluctance Motor Drive with DSP - Control

red_light Microcomputer Systems
red IR-Datatransmission from Microcontroller to Windows-PC
red TWI heating data acquisition under Windows NT
red Microcomputer controlled Elevatorsystem with CAN-Bus
red Vehicle-Fleet-Management with GPS and GSM
red Contactless identification of objects
red Universal Serial Bus (USB)
red Vision System for "Pacificar".
red Process Automation Using LabView

red_light Microelectronics
red Simulation of a driving shaft in VHDL

red_light Controlling Systems
red Control of a model-crane with variable rope length
red Linear Drive: Positioning Control of a Frictionless Slider
red Fuzzy Control of a Heat Pump Plant
red pendulum on an inclined plane
red Inverted pendulum
red Alternative methods to control the helicopter model

red_light Signal Processing
red Wireless Transmission System for Video Signals
red Controlling of a Model Engine over a Radio Channel
red Lokomotive Engine Simulator
red Reconstruction of signals synchronous to the angle

red_light Software Engineering
red Database Application for a Media Consulting Firm
red Web Based Teaching Information System
red Calibration-Software MAuTS
red Controlling a locomotive simulator
red Computer-controlled pure tone audiometry
red Presentation of a compay in WEB.