Abteilung Informatik, Kommunikation und Elektrotechnik


Branchfield overview

List of students

red_light  Power electronics and motion systems

red Boost converter for a windpower application
red Controller for magnetic powder brake

red_light  Automatic technology

red Elevator control system with SIMATIC C7-626

red_light  Digital signal processing

red Natural music instrument to MIDI converter using a Trimedia
red Picture recognition algorithms for surround panning

red_light  Energy systems

red Energetic optimization of ice halls

red_light  Communication networks

red Virtual Private Network Based on a Secure Internet Tunnel
red NetMeeting based H.323-Terminal
red W@P and SNMP
red TAPI-Client opens Outlook-Contacts

red_light  Mechatronics

red Drive with Switched Reluctance Motor for electrical bicycle
red Path control for mobile concrete pumps
red Numerical Modelling of inductively heated drawroll
red Development of Magnetic Circuit based Joysticks

red_light  Microcomputer systems

red Data transmission over the isdn-net
red Microcontroller board based on the C164
red Automatic Window-Opener
red Embedded system as thermometric sensor in cook systems
red CAD-UL Workbench for embedded x86-Systems
red Signaling and Remote Control through SMS
red Realization of a CANopen-Node: Hardware Layer

red_light  Microelectronics

red Inkjet U and I real-time Test and Measurement
red Fibre-optical Transfer of compressed PAL video
red An LCD Display Video Inlay
red A New Educational Mixed-Signal FPGA Board
red Gaining Company Advantages by using ASICs

red_light  Controlling systems

red Floating Ball with Image Feedback
red BackTruck Controlled Backing-Up of an 18 Wheeled Truck
red FlyCat - Propeller Platform
red Digital control of a robot with two axis
red Digtal controlling of a mirror system
red Control of a drive for a swing door system
red Fuzzy controled heatpump
red Control of an Accommodometer for the Human Eye.

red_light  Signal processing

red Multiple Frequencymodulation
red Analysis and Generation of Test Signals
red Speaker Recognition with ANN
red Two-wire-system for several subscribers

red_light  Software engineering

red Software to Control an Industrial Microscope
red Speech Control for Medicine-technical Devices
red Distributed Internet-Database-Application
red Course-database with a WWW-based User Interface
red Realization of a CANopen Network Node: Software Layer