Abteilung Informatik, Kommunikation und Elektrotechnik


Branchfield overview

List of students / Partner companies / Overview

red_light  Power electronics and motion systems

red EMC Measurements for High-Frequency Power Inverter
red 16A/300V 2-Quadrant Power Inverter for Magnetic Bearings
red Intelligent Multi Purpose Power Module (IPM)

red_light  Automatic technology

red Interconnecting PLCs using Profibus or MPI - Interface
red State Machines Running on PLC
red Gateway WEB to LonWorks

red_light  Digital signal processing

red MP3-Encoder with Matlab

red_light  High frequency systems

red Wireless Videolink in the ISM-Band at 2.45 GHz

red_light  Communication

red eForum: Web-Integrated Groupware
red Passenger Information At The Station
red Room Reservation System as a Web Application
red H.323 Firewall Module
red Off-Route Detection of Buses based on GPS-Navigation
red Mini Webserver supporting SSL
red Expert Tool for Security Policies
red Remote Maintenance of Linear Motors
red Wireless Data Acquisition for Building Evaluation
red IP Network Simulator for VPN Testing
red Wireless 'Virtual Serial Bus' for Vehicles

red_light  Mechatronics

red Image Controlled SCARA-Robot
red Automatic Roboter Based Measuring System
red Robot with Java-Based Real-Time Control System
red InkJet Heating Prozess Modelling

red_light  Microcomputer systems

red Datatransfer for Embedded Systems over DECT
red Datatransfer for Embedded Systems over ISDN
red Datatransfer for Embedded Systems over GSM
red Input/Output Board with USB
red Touch Screen Display for embedded Systems
red Low cost & low power flexible internet connectivity board
red Remote Control of Lon-Nodes via SMS

red_light  Controlling systems

red Digital control of a mirror system
red Torsional Control System
red Digital closed-loop control of a robot with two axis
red Fuel cell as small power station; fuzzy and neuronal control
red The labyrinth
red Stabilization of the position of a ship
red Identification and control of a magnetic suspension

red_light  Signal processing

red Digital Wireless Audio Transmission System - Radio Part
red Fast Synthesizer for Radio Transceiver
red Loop-Lenghts Simulations of xDSL-Transmissions
red Digital Wireless Audio Transmission System - Audio Part

red_light  Software

red Time- Managment- System
red Architectures and user Interfaces for Insuranceapplications
red Announcement of upcoming stops with speech synthesis
red GPS Tracking using a GIS
red Timetable on Palm-Pilot
red Timetable for WAP and Internet
red Up-to-date Timetable for SMS and E-mail
red Identification of Web-Users based on Calling Number
red City map with spatial Information
red Multimedia Processor Simulation
red Shift scheduling with evolutionary algorithms
red Personalization of Handheld Computer via SmartCard
red Web site of a municipality
red Multimedia Production
red Data-base driven WEB-System with discussion forum