Abteilung Elekrotechnik
Praktische Diplomarbeiten
  Branchfield overview
List of students

red_light Antriebstechnik und Leistungselektronik
red Direct drive with air bearing for positioning systems
red Calculation of Harmonics of Rectifiers with the Computer
red Regelstrukturen eines elektromechanischen Positioniersystems

red_light Energietechnik
red Project of a unit type heating/power cogeneration
red Fuel cell

red_light Kommunikationsnetze
red Voice over IP: Gatekeeper & Terminal
red ICCG Fax Communication Suite
red Voice over IP: Gateway
red SDSL-"Pizza-Accessbox"

red_light Mechatronische Systeme
red Pacficar: Expansionboard and multipurpos CAN System
red Vision controlled robot motions

red_light Mikrocomputersysteme
red Process Field Bus (PROFIBUS)
red Computer Controlled Home
red Actuator Sensor Interface (ASI)
red Distributed Datalogger
red Microcontrlolsystem for a street-radar

red_light Mikroelektronik
red LaSch 8000

red_light Regelungstechnik
red Discrete-Data Control System for the helicopter model
red Discrete control-system for a seesaw
red Discrete control for a loading crane
red The Model of Truck
red Battery-charger with Fuzzy Logic controller
red Active Noise Control in a Duct
red Fuzzycontrol of a heat pump
red Digitale Regelung eines elektromechanischen Systems
red Floating object
red Mikroprozessor-Regelung eines 5-Achsen Handling Roboters

red_light Signale der Nachrichtentechnik
red Wideband optical fiber transmission system

red_light Software Engineering
red Monitor program for 80C186 targets
red Remote Support
red Autonomous vehicle PACIFICAR
red Electronic Stock Market--A Java Based Implementation
red Server-Application in Java with Database-Connection
red Citymap with position depending informations
red sensor bus software constructed with CIP
red Tax Assessment Via Internet
red Barcodeleser für Post-Strichcode
red Multiprocessor - DSP - System for acoustic measurement